6. Discografía y Bibliografía

6.1 Discografía

Frederica von Stade – Rodgers & Hart: Songs from the Shows (1989), 1. “My funny Valentine” (Babes in Arms), (EMI). Ambrosian Chorus, London Symphony Orchestra. John McGlinn (director), Frederica von Stade (mezzosoprano).

Nat King Cole Trio – The man I love/Body and soul (1944), 1. “The man I love” (Capitol Records, F 15575). Con Nat King Cole (piano), Oscar Moore (guitarra) y Johnny Miller (contrabajo).

Miles Davis Quintet – Cookin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet (1957), 1. “My funny Valentine”, (Prestige, PRLP 7094). Con Miles Davis (trompeta), Red Garland (piano), Paul Chambers (contrabajo) y Philly Joe Jones (batería).

Miles Davis – My Funny Valentine. Miles Davis in Concert (1965), 1. My funny Valentine, (Columbia Records CS 9106). Miles Davis (trompeta), George Coleman (saxofón), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (contrabajo), Tony Williams (batería).

6.2 Bibliografía

  • Berliner, Paul F. (1994): Thinking in Jazz. The Infinite Art of Improvisation (The University of Chicago Press)
  • Bragalini, Luca (1997): “My Funny Valentine: The Disintegration of the Standard”, en Musica Jazz: Volume 53, no. 8/9 [August-September 1997], p. 52-55; y Volume 53, no. 10 [October 1997], p. 52-55); disponible online en http://www.plosin.com/milesahead/valentine.html
  • Fernández de Larrinoa, Rafael (2016): John Coltrane. Naima, en www.bustena.wordpress.com
  • Giel, Lex (2004): The Music of Miles Davis: A Study & Analysis of Compositions & Solo Transcriptions from the Great Jazz Composer and Improviser (Hal Leonard Corporation)
  • Gioia, Ted (2011): The History of Jazz (Oxford University Press)
  • Silver Stiles, Joan (1995): “Red Garland: An Introduction and Ending”, en Ekay Music (ed.): Keyboard Workshop: Hundreds of Ways You Can Improve Your Playing for All Levels (Cimino Publishing Group Inc.)
  • Voglewede, Matthew J. (2013): Toward a Perceptual-Cognitive Account of Double-Time Feel un Jazz (Thesis Presented to the School of Music and Dance and the Graduate School of the University of Oregon in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts)

6.3 Partituras

  • Kendrick, Corey (2014): My Funny Valentine. Red Garland Solo. As played on the 1956 Miles Davis album “Cookin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet”, en www.ckendrickmusic.wordpress.com
  • Rodgers, Richard (1937/1998): Babes in Arms. Piano/conductor score (Chappell and Company Inc, The State of Lorenz Hart and The Family Trust u/w Richard Rodgers and The Family Trust u/w Dorothy F. Rodgers)



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