4 “My funny Valentine” del Miles Davis Quintet (1957)

miles_davis_cookinCookin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet is an album recorded in 1956 by the Miles Davis Quintet. Two sessions 11 May 1956 and 26 October in the same year resulted in four albums—this one, Relaxin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet, Steamin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet and Workin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet. It was the first of the four LPs to be released.

In response to the album title, Davis said, “After all, that’s what we did—came in and cooked” (fuente: Wikipedia, en).

Tonalidad: Mi bemol mayor (Intro/Outro), Do menor (Head, Chorus). Compás: 4/4.


Intro | AABA (t) | AABA (p) | BA (t) | Outro


Créditos de la transcripción:

  • Intro y outro (piano): Joan Silver Stiles (1995): “Red Garland: An Introduction and Ending”, en Ekay Music (ed.): Keyboard Workshop: Hundreds of Ways You Can Improve Your Playing for All Levels (Cimino Publishing Group Inc).
  • Miles Davis solo (first chorus): Lex Giel (2004): The Music of Miles Davis: A Study & Analysis of Compositions & Solo Transcriptions from the Great Jazz Composer and Improviser (Hal Leonard Corporation).
  • Red Garland solo: Corey Kendrick (2014): My Funny Valentine. Red Garland Solo. As played on the 1956 Miles Davis album “Cookin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet”, en www.ckendrickmusic.wordpress.com.
  • El resto de las partes y secciones, transcritas por Rafael Fernández de Larrinoa (2016).

5. Double-time feel como proceso colectivo y como difuminador de la forma


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